Our Future

We are proud of where we are today and look forward to helping more people with tracheostomies in the future.


We are optimistic

We wish to replicate our Programme in other hospitals in South Africa, into other countries in Africa and hopefully beyond. This can only be achieved through a co-operation between local government, hospital management and health care professionals.

We are determined

We want to develop the Breatheasy as a model for home-based care that can be applied to other chronic paediatric medical conditions, for example neurosurgery, renal, cystic fibrosis or cerebral palsy among others.

We are insightful

Our teams at the Children's Hospital and the University of Cape Town include some of the finest clinicians and teaching professionals in the world. We have applied over 22 years of research and practical experience to creating a 21st century solution in a world with dwindling resources in which innovative ideas will be a key to the future of medicine.

We support home-based mother care

Family care is best for technology-dependent children and the Breatheasy makes this possible by training mothers and other family members while the child is recovering in hospital, as well as monitoring their progress through regular follow-ups.

We promote education and research

Inspired by the Breatheasy, The University of Cape Town and the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital have committed to developing a specialist Clinical Masters programme that will be recognised globally.

We save resources

The cost saving to the state and net gain for the families achieved by caring for children in a home environment cannot be overstated. In a developing country such as ours, children are eight times more likely to survive under their mother’s care at home, than in hospital.

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