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Sister Jane Booth

Jane Booth’s outstanding achievement over four decades is widely recognized within the international health care community. She received the National Marilyn Lehana Caring Award (2005) and was a Finalist for the Cecilia Makiwane Award (2007), has been asked to speak at international symposia and most importantly, has been invited by other hospitals to train their staff (e.g. Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg where Jane Booth was instrumental in establishing its tracheostomy home care programme which has been a resounding success). The compelling success story of the Breatheasy has attracted some media attention over the years, among which a TV Carte Blanche documentary (1996), as well as numerous newspaper articles.

Dr Marco Zampoli

Paediatric Pulmonologist at the Children’s Hospital and affiliated with the University of Cape Town. Research and academic interests include Home Ventilation strategies in developing countries, cystic fibrosis and HIV-associated lung problems. Particular interest in promoting paediatric sleep medicine in South Africa.

Professor Andrew Argent

Former consultant in Paediatric Pulmonology and Critical Care and Child Abuse Services, Former president of the Critical Care Society of Southern Africa, and the World Federation of Paediatric Intensive and Critical Care. Current Medical Director of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at the Children’s Hospital since 1999. Course director of the Advanced Paediatric Life Support course (UK) in SA. Academic research on paediatric critical care in the southern African context, with a concern for integrated programmes in countries with limited resources.

Professor Louis Reynolds

Co-founder of the Home Tracheostomy and Ventilation Programme. Retired paediatrician, now working in the Education Development Unit in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town. Member of the South African Chapter of the People’s Health Movement, a global civil society organisation campaigning for health as a fundamental human right. Member of the Governing Board at the University of Cape Town’s Children’s Institute.

Professor Minette Coetzee

Associate Professor in the UCT School of Child and Adolescent Health at the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town leading then Child Nurse Practice Development Initiative and is working to translate complex emerging scientific evidence and understandings into simple and effective nursing interventions to improve health outcomes of children in the region. Nationally, she motivated a South African PICU Standard to the South African National Standards Generating Body for nursing, an initiative of the Critical Care Society of Southern Africa (CCSSA)-resulting in this discipline of nursing being recognised as a registerable nursing qualification. She is the African and Middle East nurse representative of the World Federation of Paediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies (WFPICCS).

Dr Fiona Kritzinger -  Paediatric Pulmonologist (M.B.Ch.B. cum laude, DCH, MMed (Paed) cum laude, FCP, Cert in Pulmonology (Paed)

Dr Kritzinger graduated from and obtained her Master’s in Paediatric Medicine at Stellebosch University, followed by subspecialist training in paediatric pulmonology. In July 2009, she continued her paediatric pulmonology training as the International Fellow in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. Dr Kritzinger returned to Cape Town in 2010 with the vision of improving access to respiratory care for children with complex respiratory needs. She has been part-time extraordinary lecturer in Paediatrics at Stellenbosch University since 2011 and her specific interests include airway abnormalities and ventilation, sleep-related breathing disorders, cystic fibrosis and lung transplantation. Dr Kritzinger is in private practice at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital and collaborates with the Breatheasy Team on home care for her private patients.

Diana Vives

B.A. (Hons) P.P.E Cambridge University, B.A. Psych. UCT M.B.A UCT Graduate School of Business (1993). Experience with compiling documentation and working with media and marketing as marketing manager in music industry in Europe and contributing editor for Condé Nast.

Lella Kondylis

Ran a decorative paint technique business for 15 years. Established the Art Department at Capricorn Primary in Vrygrond, where she worked as a volunteer. Ran a children’s art studio and in 2011 and trained as an ASTAR facilitator.

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